What to Expect in Nepal during Summer Travel

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Mustang trek

Summer is approaching in Nepal and tourism is expected to get slower. That is what happens every summer. As the result of hot weather and heavy rainfall, number of tourists visiting Nepal falls down during the summer months. Although the flow of tourists is low and activities slow, all kinds of tourist activities and destinations …

Why Travel to Nepal in 2016

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Fish Tail Mountain

Nepal, the Himalayan Country, attracted a huge attention of the world in the year 2015 because of the devastating earthquake that left the country shaken. The country slowly recovered back to normal daily activities with unbelievably strong resilience of Nepali people. The shattered tourism industry came back for the business so that the whole world …

Luxury Adventure in the Himalaya

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While it comes to travelling to Nepal, it is an adventure in itself giving its remoteness and very basic infrastructures. The luxury found here lies in the beauty of the nature and kind hearted people. On top of that Nepal is famous as adventure travel destination in the world and looking for an extreme luxury …

Nepal Tourism in the Wake of Earthquake

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The devastating earthquake of 25 April has badly affected the overall life in the country and tourism sector is not an exception. Tourism is one of the main contributors in the GDP generating a good job opportunity. The potential of tourism to grow and become the main GDP contributor was very high. But the earthquake …

Earthquake Devastation and Our Effort in Rebuilding

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Saturday, the 25th April, 2015 has been a dark day in the history of our amazingly beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal. We faced an unimaginable tragic fate in the form of a very powerful earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes measured in Richter scale. It devastated the country taking thousands of lives, over 7000 at the time of …